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This little box is not plastic! ... and yet it will allow the transport of your still wet soap! Light and very practical, it is made of "Liquid Spruce Wood", that is to say from wood residues that are not used during the manufacture of paper. It is a mixture of these remnants of wood with natural resins, flax and vegetable fibers, which was developed in...

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There existed in Malicorne sur Sarthe, old mussels or old "forms" to make by hand and faience, beard dishes! The Bourg Joly workshop of Malicorne, earthenware of Art since 1747, took out its molds and realized for Martin de Candre this superb piece. This beautiful beard dish can still be used by a barber, as of course serve as a backdrop for a passionate...

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Since 1885, Papier d’Arménie triple is the oldest deodorizer of the ambiant air.   Papier d’Arménie perfumes inside your home and removes unpleasant smells of kitchen, tabacco or animals. It can be used throughout the year in order to freshen your house and create a pleasant atmosphere of well being.Change of packaging.

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Magnifique boîte en Pin maritime réalisée par la Tournerie de l'Argenton ( Thouars 79) La boîte vide : pour stocker et conserver au sec vos savons. Etiquettes  intérieures et extérieures en kraft. (210 x 210 x 100 mm) Dimensions : L= 225 cm , l = 210 cm,  h = 110 cm  

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This soap dish is made in France, made in Limoges porcelain and nicely personalized for Martin de Candre by a painter from Trois-Moutiers (Poitou). Indispensable to drain your soap well, it has a drainer and a kind of cup that receives the water. It will immediately find its place on a sink, in your bathroom or even your kitchen! It is a useful object...

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