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Hanging in its branches, in addition to pine cones and "red fruits", there is a nice little "Tradition" red checkered bag containing 1 guest soap Benzoin, as well as a Kraft Paper Mini-cube Fern natural, knotted with red raffia. The set with Christmas colors forms a charming and warm decor, with sweet scents of Martin de Candre.

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This soap dish is made in France, made in Limoges porcelain and beautifully personalized for Martin de Candre by a painter of Trois Moutiers (Poitou). Essential for draining your soap, it will immediately find its place on a sink. It is also a useful object, which combined with a soap of 100g or 160g will make a superb gift, all "made in France"!

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Tied to the base of the support, the small bag "Tradition" with red tiles makes a sensation! It contains 1 guest soap Benzoin. One more idea to decorate and perfume a table, a fireplace ... or to make a charming little Christmas present, with the good smells of Martin de Candre!

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With its little bag of guest soap Fern or Benzoin, this very pretty Christmas star forms a light suspension, easy to hang, and beautiful to ask ... It will release a sweet and warm scent of celebration!

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Elle est si masculine, si sympathique avec son côté rétro seventy. Dans les années 70 ces boites en carton était un must... Et en plus elle contient tout ce qu'il aime! Avec cette boite il est entièrement équipé pour son rasage et sa toilette.

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This little box is not plastic! ... and yet it will allow the transport of your still wet soap! Light and very practical, it is made of "Liquid Spruce Wood", that is to say from wood residues that are not used during the manufacture of paper. It is a mixture of these remnants of wood with natural resins, flax and vegetable fibers, which was developed in...

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