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30,83 €

Ce sac contient des savons de toilette aux formes très irrégulières (blocs de 60 à 100g chacun). Les parfums choisis sont les plus connus de la série à l'huile d'Olive: Fougère, Lavande, Vétyver et Thym-Girofle-Cannelle.

28,33 €

This bag contains scented toilet soaps whose shape is reminiscent of more or less thick and irregular small bricks . The chosen scents are the best known from the olive oil series: Fern, Lavender, Vetyver and Thyme-Clove-Cinnamon.

25,42 €

In this sachet, you will find blocks of 100g soaps of 2 categories: 4 soaps with a sweet scent of "Honey" and 4 others without perfume, saponified with olive and avocado oils, very rich in oleic fatty acids. These pretty soaps, cut with a wire and stamped with the “Martin de Candre” brand, have been left to dry for 6 to 8 months in wooden boxes. This...

12,92 €

An ultra-gentle fluid soap that leaves the skin with a delicate, fresh and refined scent. This generous size is ideal for the family! Momentary change of bottle for the liter. Lavander

12,92 €

The fresh scent of mint makes this soap essential for washing when you are very hot or sweaty.

12,92 €

The Rosemary perfume "deodorizes" very well, it removes for example the odors that one can have on the hands in the kitchen: onion, fish ...

14,58 €

Very subtle and delicate, the "Rose" perfume of the fluid soap is really that of rose petals on the skin.

16,25 €

The raw smell of sandalwood comes out very well in this fluid soap. It is par excellence a perfume for men.

10,83 €

Une formule douce et respectueuse de la peau sans ajout de parfum. Voilà format généreux pour les personnes qui aiment les savons neutres, naturels et efficaces! Sans parfum

28,33 €

A pretty kraft paper printed package with 1Kg of irregular bars of Rose soap: a delicious fragrance emerges, very fresh, since these bars come from series of Rose soap made recently in our manufacturing workshop. It is possible to dry them further by putting them upright in a container or by distributing them in the cupboards, to scent the laundry. A...

5,00 €

Recommended hair type: blond. Made with Camomile (Matricaria recutita) from Italy (10%). Traditionally used for light hair, it has the distinction of bringing golden highlights to this type of hair.

5,00 €

The "real" Lavender comes from the Alpes de Haute Provence, Vaucluse, Drôme ... since it requires, according to experts, at least 600m altitude. Its wonderful volatile and very slightly camphorized perfume, is well known since ancient times, for its soothing and refreshing properties. The word "Lavender" comes from the verb "Laver" - to wash, which means...

16,67 €

Copra, Chamomile and Lemon Oil So simple and so complete !!

15,00 €

Body Oil, composed of wheat germ and sunflower oils, easily absorbed by the skin, during a massage or after washing on a skin still wet; extend the duration of the Geranium perfume, after the use of the Bath & Shower Gel with Geranium, or of the Rose soap ...

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