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This box will allow you to build up the collection of 6 MdC shaving soaps in travel format. With this box, there is no doubt anymore: you will make people happy and envious!

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200 grams of shaving soap paste in a wooden bowl turned by a local craftsman.These bowls are generously spoon-filled with the freshly saponified shaving soap. We leave them to dry for 6 to 8 months in the production workshop ... You will have in your hands a shaving soap of exceptional quality and longevity!

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Rose and Lemon fragrances are among those that our customers particularly appreciate.Presented in a beautiful white box printed with Martin de Candre, this set of soaps and toiletries makes a chic and very refined gift!

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A set of almost the entire Martin de Candre range to cherish your wife, your mother ... The composition has been designed according to the products most loved by our customers!The set is nicely presented in a beautiful white box printed with Martin de Candre. An elegant gift that has charm and class!

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Original with its small drawer, elegant and light in its beautiful red lacquered cardboard, this is a very nice presentation-gift to discover and offer a nice sampling of Martin de Candre products!

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We have chosen for this box two Lavender and Milk soaps, accompanied by two soaps with the delicate scent of Rose.

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This luxurious limited edition offers 200g of "Original" scented shaving soap paste (Lavender / Mint / Rosemary) in an exceptional hand-turned wooden piece by a local artisan. The container presents an elegant two-tone wood panachage. Each piece being unique, the veins and tints of the bowls vary.To make these containers, the woodturner used different...

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Boite Cloche, Rose   Pour ceux qui veulent associer la douceur de la toilette avec les odeurs sucrées de la rose et du géranium du Maroc.

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In this box, you will find four essentials for an optimal shaving routine.Each box contains a shaving soap (choice of fragrance), a 100% vegetable "Chamomile and Lemon" protective oil, a mini-cube soap wrapped in a paper tub and a fresh eau de toilette. The selection of the 3 products accompanying each shaving soap fragrance has been carefully composed by...

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It is with pleasure that we composed this box by highlighting the very beautiful papers in the tank which, since the origin of the soap factory, have beautifully enveloped our soaps! Soaps in size of Mini-cubes were not individually wrapped until now in these superb papers. The marbled colors of these marvelous packaging are reminiscent of the marbling of...

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Copra, Chamomile and Lemon Oil So simple and so complete !!

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For the toilet, Marseille-type soap, with the delicate and slightly sweet scent of rose.

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The Rose Shaving Soap surprises with the delicacy of its fragrance. Elegant and flowery notes, an irresistible freshness ... Limited Edition

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