135,00 €

This box will allow you to build up the collection of 6 MdC shaving soaps in travel format. You can also replace one of the shaving soaps with our vegetable oil with chamomile and lemon as an after shave. With this box, there is no doubt anymore: you will make people happy and envious!

71,25 €

This “shaving range” box includes our essential products for the traditional shaving ritual: a 55gr mini-cube soap, a 45ml chamomile-lemon oil, an eau de toilette and of course a 200gr shaving soap. Once again, you can choose the combinations of fragrances and compose the ideal shaving box according to your tastes!

63,33 €

The “MDC range” box offers you the most varied panel possible of our productions, allowing you to select 6 items from 8 cosmetic families: an eau de toilette, a shampoo or a bath & shower gel, a 45ml chamomile-lemon oil or a 50gr shaving soap, a 100gr soap, a 55gr mini-cube and finally a 50ml vegetable oil. Once your box is personalized, you will...

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