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Very subtle, it comes from the Alpes de Haute Provence.Extremely volatile, it is fixed by a skilful blend of refined essential oils.

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The "real" Lavender comes from the Alpes de Haute Provence, Vaucluse, Drôme ... since it requires, according to experts, at least 600m altitude. Its wonderful volatile and very slightly camphorized perfume, is well known since ancient times, for its soothing and refreshing properties. The word "Lavender" comes from the verb "Laver" - to wash, which means...

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L’incomparable fraîcheur de la Lavande.

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As its name suggests it, here is the Shaving Soap "Nature", which is unscented and whose quality of the foam is identical to others scented shaving soaps. Very smooth, it has a slight smell of "soap"; its foam rises quickly, is abundant, stays wet for a long time and wraps the face like a light cream, to allow a perfect shave with the maximum of comfort.

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Recommended type of hair: normal (all the family). Made from Nettle (leaves and flowers) 5% and Nasturtium (seeds) 5%. Nasturtium is often found in toning hair lotions and white Nettle is very rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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Blocs de savons parfumés: Benjoin, Tolu et 3 Baumes. Le Sachet qui regroupe nos savons contenant tous nos Résinoïdes. Ces résines d'arbres sont également appelées Baumes. Pour la toilette mais surtout pour les mains. Les savons à avoir au coin du lavabo!  

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This bag contains perfumed toilet soaps in more or less thick and irregular plates. The chosen fragrances are the best known from the olive oil series: Fern, Lavender, Vétyver and Thyme-Clove-Cinnamon.

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"Fougère" - Fern means in perfumery, a cool Cologne with a green and woody note. The Fougère soap became one of the emblems of Martin de Candre, and is the perfect match of "12 essences" natural, refined, an irresistible fragrance!

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Very woody, it's the perfect perfume for "man", virile, tonic and refreshing.

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