30,00 €

In questa borsa, troverete più di 1kg di sapone in blocchi e piastre irregolari.Sul fondo del sacchetto: Lavanda + Felce + Vetiver + Timo-Clove-Cannella.Sopra il sacchetto: Miele + Tolu + 3 Balsami + Benzoino + Argilla + Uova.

32,50 €

This bag contains at least 850g of "Rose" scented soap bars (about 1cm thick each) + 1 organdy bag filled with "Rose" scented soap shavings and chips. Ideal for daily use or to perfume your cupboards.

15,83 €

In this bag, you will find at least 500g of irregular "Fern" flavoured plates (the equivalent of 6 or 7 plates) and on top, 4 irregular "Milk" mini-cubes.

14,17 €

In this bag, you will find at least 600g of very irregular slabs of "Marseille Household" + 1 mini-cube of "Marseille Toilet". This set of soaps saponified with olive oil is formulated without perfume to suit the most delicate skins. You can use them as well for your daily toilet (face and body) as for your natural laundry!

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