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The fresh scent of mint makes this soap essential for washing when you are very hot or sweaty.

13,33 €

An ultra-gentle fluid soap that leaves the skin with a delicate, fresh and refined scent. This generous size is ideal for the family! Momentary change of bottle for the liter. Lavander

13,33 €

The Rosemary perfume "deodorizes" very well, it removes for example the odors that one can have on the hands in the kitchen: onion, fish ...

10,83 €

Une formule douce et respectueuse de la peau sans ajout de parfum. Voilà format généreux pour les personnes qui aiment les savons neutres, naturels et efficaces! Sans parfum

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Very subtle and delicate, the "Rose" perfume of the fluid soap is really that of rose petals on the skin.

6,25 €

We selected at Croll and Denecke those from the Mediterranean, beautiful and large sizes, with regular pores and of better quality (more solid) than those from the Caribbean.Available in three sizes.

6,67 €

Since its creation in 1974, Savonnerie Martin de Candre has always maintained its favorite choice for Balsalms. Resins or "gums" extracted from trees or softwoods of the family of MYROXYLON or STYRAX, Balsam of Peru (rectified), Benzoin and Tolu have slightly vanilla smells and flavors, which marry perfectly with most of the essential oils.

8,33 €

Since its creation in 1974, the Savonnerie Martin de Candre has always put forward its preferred choice for Balms.Resins or "gums" extracted from trees or conifers of the MYROXYLON or STYRAX family, Peruvian Balsam (rectified), Benzoin and Tolu have odors and flavors slightly vanilla, which blend wonderfully with most essential oils.

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Very "natural" color and perfume for this soap which, made "hot", does not restore the white color of Milk.

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30,83 €

Boîte Cloche, 20 Savons "Invités"  20 savons invités assortis, non emballés.

18,75 €

Savons en Bottes, à l'huile d'Olive et à l'huile de Palme.Pour changer vos habitudes de la savonnette moulée et pour une décoration insolite, parfumée!

19,00 €

They are suitable for all the family: moisturizing and gentle wash!They can be used for bubble baths but also as shower gels.

19,00 €

Try them out, test them on your hair and be able to choose knowingly which one will suit better everyday. For families, ideal to go on holiday: everyone has his own!Nice to have it in the bathroom to welcome your guests ...

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