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200 grams of shaving soap paste in a wooden bowl turned by a local craftsman.These bowls are generously spoon-filled with the freshly saponified shaving soap. We leave them to dry for 6 to 8 months in the production workshop ... You will have in your hands a shaving soap of exceptional quality and longevity!

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The pepper force of the Vetiver of Haïti.

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Very woody, it's the perfect perfume for "man", virile, tonic and refreshing.

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Vétyver Shaving Soap has character! Greener, manlier, very attractive ... Limited Edition    

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Shave from a sheet of paper? Hard to believe, but Martin de Candre did it!

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In this box, you will find four essentials for an optimal shaving routine.Each box contains a shaving soap (choice of fragrance), a 100% vegetable "Chamomile and Lemon" protective oil, a mini-cube soap wrapped in a paper tub and a fresh eau de toilette. The selection of the 3 products accompanying each shaving soap fragrance has been carefully composed by...

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Boite Cloche, Duo  Le Duo selon Martin de Candre! Nous avons choisi les meilleures associations "savons / bains- mousse". A vous maintenant de choisir celle qui vous ressemble...

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