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Made traditionally, the MDC soaps are elaborated with a saponification method from Marseille. All oils, which are part of it, are vegetal, natural and strictly selected, for their quality but also for their extraction type, respectful of men and environment.


Soaps of Marseille

The soap of Marseille exists in two categories: the soap of Marseille "Ménage" for the delicate hand washings and the soap of Marseille "Toilette" for those who wants to wash without perfume.

Liquid Soaps

Fluid Soaps

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8,75 €

"Fougère" - Fern means in perfumery, a cool Cologne with a green and woody note. The Fougère soap became one of the emblems of Martin de Candre, and is the perfect match of "12 essences" natural, refined, an irresistible fragrance!

8,75 €

Inimitable, the Rose is the very expression of femininity, elegance, refinement.

8,75 €

Very subtle, it comes from the Alpes de Haute Provence.Extremely volatile, it is fixed by a skilful blend of refined essential oils.

8,75 €

Very woody, it's the perfect perfume for "man", virile, tonic and refreshing.

11,25 €

Very "natural" color and perfume for this soap which, made "hot", does not restore the white color of Milk.

6,67 €

Since its creation in 1974, Savonnerie Martin de Candre has always maintained its favorite choice for Balsalms. Resins or "gums" extracted from trees or softwoods of the family of MYROXYLON or STYRAX, Balsam of Peru (rectified), Benzoin and Tolu have slightly vanilla smells and flavors, which marry perfectly with most of the essential oils.

6,67 €

Dark green clay is a silica-rich earth. The beautiful appearance of this soap makes it unique! Gentle, oils combine with the foam, and the presence of silicas make it an effective exfoliant.For a deeper washing of the skin, practice more or less regularly, according to the different types of skin.

8,33 €

Since its creation in 1974, the Savonnerie Martin de Candre has always put forward its preferred choice for Balms.Resins or "gums" extracted from trees or conifers of the MYROXYLON or STYRAX family, Peruvian Balsam (rectified), Benzoin and Tolu have odors and flavors slightly vanilla, which blend wonderfully with most essential oils.

11,25 €

"Miel" Honey Soap has a marbled appearance and amazing colors! Diffused in the hot paste of the soap, the honey sugar caramelizes, producing the brown color of the soap and its citrus scent.

6,67 €

A discreet perfume, very slightly lemony, for this soap that gives a very pleasant and soft foam, which has the advantage of not melting fast!

35,63 € 37,50 €


Découvrez nos savons en profitant de ce lot en promotion! La série à l'Huile d'Olive avec le "nature" Ménage et les parfumés: Fougère, Lavande et Rose. La série à l'Huile d'Olive et de Palme avec les parfums: Benjoin, Miel, Lait et Tolu.

6,25 €

18,75 €

Savons en Bottes, à l'huile d'Olive et à l'huile de Palme.Pour changer vos habitudes de la savonnette moulée et pour une décoration insolite, parfumée!

10,42 €

Sachet de 7 Savons Invités à l'Huile d'Olive parfumés à la Lavande et à la Fougère.

10,42 €

Sachet de 7 Savons Invités à l'Huile d'Olive et de Palme parfumés.Savons,convenant pour la toilette et pour le lavage des mains.

11,88 € 12,50 €


Lot de 6 Savons Invités AssortisUn petit format pour découvrir nos différents parfums... Des petits savons pour mettre au coin des lavabos... Pour mettre dans la salle de bain de vos invités... Pour éparpiller dans vos armoires et les utiliser en pot pourri...   A vous de choisir leur utilisation!! ;)

36,67 €

Blocs de savons parfumés: Benjoin, Tolu et 3 Baumes. Le Sachet qui regroupe nos savons contenant tous nos Résinoïdes. Ces résines d'arbres sont également appelées Baumes. Pour la toilette mais surtout pour les mains. Les savons à avoir au coin du lavabo!  

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