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Nos 5 Savons Fluides Assortis:   - Lavande - Menthe - Romarin - Rose - Santal   Flacons de 200 ml

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An ultra-gentle fluid soap that leaves the skin with a delicate, fresh and refined scent. This generous size is ideal for the family! Momentary change of bottle for the liter. Lavander

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The fresh scent of mint makes this soap essential for washing when you are very hot or sweaty.

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The Rosemary perfume "deodorizes" very well, it removes for example the odors that one can have on the hands in the kitchen: onion, fish ...

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Very subtle and delicate, the "Rose" perfume of the fluid soap is really that of rose petals on the skin.

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The raw smell of sandalwood comes out very well in this fluid soap. It is par excellence a perfume for men.

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Une formule douce et respectueuse de la peau sans ajout de parfum. Voilà format généreux pour les personnes qui aiment les savons neutres, naturels et efficaces! Sans parfum

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