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The Savonnerie Martin de Candre presents the books she loves... We hope you will take as much pleasure as we did reading them or narrating them to your children.

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Le Parfum   Le Parfum est un roman de Patrick Süskind. Son titre complet, dans l’édition française est : « Le parfum, histoire d’un meurtrier ». Le livre « Le parfum » est particulier parce qu’il éveille la sensibilité olfactive du lecteur.

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The Alum with its antibacterial and astringent properties is a natural and effective pre or aftershave.Forever used by the barbers, this helps to sooth irritation and razor burn and also helps to stop any small nicks or cuts from bleeding.

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The styptic pencil is an essential item for every wet shaver.Simply apply to any small nicks and cuts and this magic pencil will stop the bleeding.Very safe to use - a styptic pencil has both astringent and antiseptic properties. 

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We selected at Croll and Denecke those from the Mediterranean, beautiful and large sizes, with regular pores and of better quality (more solid) than those from the Caribbean.Available in three sizes.

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Journal d'un Parfumeur   Jean-Claude Ellena, le célèbre «nez» de chez Hermès depuis 2004, publie «Le journal d'un parfumeur». Pendant un an (2009-2010), le parfumeur a tenu un journal pour partager ses réflexions sur un métier peu connu.

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Affiche Martin de Candre (1900)

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This soap dish is made in France, made in Limoges porcelain and nicely personalized for Martin de Candre by a painter from Trois-Moutiers (Poitou). Indispensable to drain your soap well, it has a drainer and a kind of cup that receives the water. It will immediately find its place on a sink, in your bathroom or even your kitchen! It is a useful object...

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Available in three colors, this lined toiletry bag is large enough to hold your toiletries for short or long stays. Light, soft and practical, it will easily fit in your suitcase, without cluttering it up! Ideal for traveling in style... Illustration photos. The kit does not contain any items.

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