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Perfumed with one of the iconic Colognes of the Savonnerie Martin de Candre, highly appreciated for its delicate, fresh and green notes, the Fern Shaving Soap - Fougère has the same qualities of foam and shaving as Original and Nature Shaving Soaps.

22,08 €

The Original or the first Martin de Candre Shaving Soap, the one we created in the 1980s. The discreet and elegant freshness of its perfume made from Lavender essential oils, Mint and Rosemary, was immediately successful! Within a few years, it has become the flagship product of Savonnerie ... A beautiful story!

7,92 €

"Fougère" - Fern means in perfumery, a cool Cologne with a green and woody note. The Fougère soap became one of the emblems of Martin de Candre, and is the perfect match of "12 essences" natural, refined, an irresistible fragrance!

22,08 €

As its name suggests it, here is the Shaving Soap "Nature", which is unscented and whose quality of the foam is identical to others scented shaving soaps. Very smooth, it has a slight smell of "soap"; its foam rises quickly, is abundant, stays wet for a long time and wraps the face like a light cream, to allow a perfect shave with the maximum of comfort.

10,83 €

Since its creation in 1974, Savonnerie Martin de Candre has always maintained its favorite choice for Balsalms. Resins or "gums" extracted from trees or softwoods of the family of MYROXYLON or STYRAX, Balsam of Peru (rectified), Benzoin and Tolu have slightly vanilla smells and flavors, which marry perfectly with most of the essential oils.

14,17 €

Copra, Chamomile and Lemon Oil So simple and so complete !!

8,25 €

Inimitable, the Rose is the very expression of femininity, elegance, refinement.

13,75 €

7,92 €

Very woody, it's the perfect perfume for "man", virile, tonic and refreshing.

7,92 €

Very subtle, it comes from the Alpes de Haute Provence.Extremely volatile, it is fixed by a skilful blend of refined essential oils.

7,92 €

Spicy, powerful and tonic, this blend is one of the most beautiful creations of Savonnerie Martin de Candre.

5,83 €

"Miel" Honey Soap has a marbled appearance and amazing colors! Diffused in the hot paste of the soap, the honey sugar caramelizes, producing the brown color of the soap and its citrus scent.

25,83 €

Vétyver Shaving Soap has character! Greener, manlier, very attractive ... Limited Edition    

33,33 €

Savons à l'Huile d'Olive parfumés au Thym Girofle Cannelle, à la Fougère, à la Lavande et au Vétyver.Savons, de type marseille, conviennent pour la toilette à partir de la pour toujours!  

26,25 €

The unrivaled freshness of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot ... The subtle and fragile notes make it difficult for a perfumer to harmonize and stabilize it when working only with rigorously natural essential oils. This is how Martin de Candre was inspired and created for you this shaving soap called "Agrumes"! A new shave to savor !!! Limited Edition

27,92 €

The Rose Shaving Soap surprises with the delicacy of its fragrance. Elegant and flowery notes, an irresistible freshness ... Limited Edition

10,83 €

Dark green clay is a silica-rich earth. The beautiful appearance of this soap makes it unique! Gentle, oils combine with the foam, and the presence of silicas make it an effective exfoliant.For a deeper washing of the skin, practice more or less regularly, according to the different types of skin.

50,00 €

The "Original" Shaving Soap poured into a Wooden Bowl. The paste, unsmoothed, keeps its "frizzy" aspect to fit in with the Beechwood. 200 grams of the "Original" shaving soap.Beech wood bowl done by Argenton's Tournerie.Diameter 10 cmHeight 6.5 cm

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