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4,17 €

A magnificent box that you can compose as you wish! Can contain 4 large bottles of 250ml, or 4 large soaps of 250g, or 8 soaps of 100g, or an assortment of soaps and toiletries ...

62,08 €

To make him a very nice surprise: give him 7 essentials from Martin de Candre, you can't be wrong!She will discover inside this magnificent MdC box: 1 Fluid Rose Soap 250ml, 1 Lemon Bath-Shower 250ml, 3 Mini-cubes of perfumed soaps, 1 bottle of shampoo 30ml and a small eau de Toilette 15ml.

28,33 €

A pretty kraft paper printed package with 1Kg of irregular bars of Rose soap: a delicious fragrance emerges, very fresh, since these bars come from series of Rose soap made recently in our manufacturing workshop. It is possible to dry them further by putting them upright in a container or by distributing them in the cupboards, to scent the laundry. A...

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