Shaving soap, Citrus - Limited Edition

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It is soon the feast of the fathers! ... The summer is approaching! ..

We thought and worked for you, always in agreement with some of your opinions that inspire us and are one of the engines of our creations.

Limited Edition

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The "Citrus" ... The unparalleled freshness of lemon, grapefruit, Bergamot ... What subtle notes, fragile, difficult to harmonize and fix for a perfumer when it works only with essential oils Rigorously natural. This is how Martin de Candre continues his journey by creating for you today a shaving soap called "Citrus"!

It is the foam MdC, generous, unctuous, all soft and deliciously fragrant: it's good !! ... A new shave to savor !!! ...

 PETG plastic jar

PETG plastic jar, kraft and aluminium: Beautiful and highly “Masculine”!
Net weight 200g
Raw weight 0.500g
Diameter 9cm
Height 5.5cm

* Some advice from Martin de Candre on how to wet shave : 

-  Thoroughly wash your face with warm water for a couple of minutes.

- Always rinse your shaving brush well under warm water after each use and gently flick out the excess water. Too much water and the lather will become runny and will dry out too quickly when applied to face.

- Brush the shaving soap in a circular, whisking motion with the shaving brush until a rich lather forms. Do not press down on the bristles, as this may damage the brush - simply move in quick circular motions.

- Now use the brush to apply the lather to your beard in small, gentle, circular motions or in gentle painting motions.

Experiment until you produce a good lather.

- When finished quickly rinse the shaving soap bowl-like container under cold water to remove excess foam. Invert bowl so as to let soap drain and dry. Soap dries best when bowl is left open.

A good shaving soap used along with a shaving brush provides an extremely close shave making you feel clean and comfortable.
How the mundane task of shaving turns into a morning treat !!!


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