Shaving Soap - Rose - Limited Edition

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The Rose Shaving Soap surprises with the delicacy of its fragrance. Elegant and flowery notes, an irresistible freshness ...

Limited Edition

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There will not be for everyone.

46,67 €

The Rose Shaving Soap is part of the "limited" editions, so it's not available in stock all year, and it only appears for exceptional events! It likes to be desired! ...

Made using the same saponification process and from the same oils as its "elder brothers", namely the Original, Nature and Fougère, the Rose Shaving Soap is abundant under the hairs of the shaving brush and allows to obtain a shave just as soft and perfect.

By respecting the instructions of use and conservation of Martin de Candre, it is a soap which will have a remarkable longevity: at least one year for this pot of 200g, and for a daily shave.

Fragrance: Rose created by MdC, from a blend of natural essential oils exclusively.

Weight: 200g

Packaging: PETG CRYSTAL jar with aluminum lid


LOVE IT!!!!!

I have all the Martin de Candre shave soaps but this is my favorite and not just my favorite MDC but my favorite shave soap period. You get the purity and quality that sets MDC apart from all others plus the best natural rose scent of any rose I have used



    Very beautiful


      Incroyable !!

      Je viens de le recevoir et sincèrement c'est le Meilleur savon à barbe que j'ai jamais testé ! Il produit une mousse dense en très peu de temps et le rasage est très très agréable !! Vraiment du très haut de gamme qui vaut largement son prix élevé ! Je recommande ce produit à 100% !! Merci à vous !

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        Shaving Soap - Rose - Limited Edition

        Shaving Soap - Rose - Limited Edition

        The Rose Shaving Soap surprises with the delicacy of its fragrance. Elegant and flowery notes, an irresistible freshness ...

        Limited Edition

        Use of the Shaving Soap:

        Moisten the face with hot water
        Wet the shaving brush in hot water, shake it to wring it out a bit (it does not need to be waterlogged)
        Pass the shaving brush on the soap by making circular gestures (don't do it for too long)
        Spread the foam on the face with the shaving brush. This action will develop a creamy foam that will adhere well to the face and allow a close shave with a maximum comfort. The resulting foam allows a shaving with a straight razor.
        - After using: pass the bowl under water to evacuate what's left of the foam and turn upside down the bowl, so that the soap drips and dries.

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