2 Mini-cubes de Marseille toilette

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Practical and easy to take in this format, the set of two Mini-cubes is offered to you at a very advantageous price.

Le savon de Marseille Toilette

Fruit d'une saponification à l'ancienne d'huile d'Olive et d'huile de Coprah, le savon dit "de Marseille", ne contient pas de parfum. Sa formule (autour de 78% d'huiles pour un savon sec) permet de se laver (visage et corps) tout en douceur et de jouir de cette bonne odeur de "propre" après la toilette !

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Marseille (haut)Le savon de Marseille Toilette
En savoir plus sur le savon de MarseilleEn savoir plus sur le savon de Marseille Toilette

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2 Mini-cubes de Marseille toilette

2 Mini-cubes de Marseille toilette

Practical and easy to take in this format, the set of two Mini-cubes is offered to you at a very advantageous price.

Before being individually wrapped by hand, all Martin de Candre soaps come from a long drying period in our workshops where they have been left to dry for months in wooden cases.

This time (6 to 8 months) is part of what will give them all their quality: a more elaborate, well-harmonized fragrance, and a very solid paste that will resist more water and prolong the life of the soap.

You can continue this drying time at home, by placing your soaps in particular in the linen cupboards: they will embalm! Our "regular" customers know that it is always a good idea to have a small stock of soaps at home to use only "very dry" ... because they are much more economical!

Remember: never enclose them in plastic and choose to keep them in a dry and ventilated space, where the ambient temperature varies between 18 and 21 ° C.

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