Savon au Lin

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Savon au Lin

Savon au Lin

Before being individually packaged by hand, all the « Martin de Candre » soaps come from a long drying period in our workshop where they were dried during months in wood boxes.

This period (6 to 8 month) is part of what’s giving the soap their quality : a well more elaborated fragrance, well harmonized, and a very solid dough that will resist more to the water and will extend further the soap lifetime.

You can continue that drying period at home by placing your soap particularly in the laundry wardrobe in a way they will embalm ! Our clients used to it knows that it’s always judicious to make turn at home a little soap stock to only use very dry ones, because they are way more economics.

Make sure to never lock them in plastic and choose to conserve them in an airy and dry space, from 18 to 21 °C.

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Or the very good "all-purpose" soap for washing your hands and removing stubborn stains, by soaping the stained or very dirty area before putting the laundry in the machine.

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Dans des contenants transparent de 250ml,  de 500ml et 1 litre, le savon fluide sans parfum convient pour se laver les mains, ou pour la toilette de ceux qui n'aiment pas les parfums.